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Monday, December 11, 2023 at 5:05am UTC

AC repair contractors in Dania Beach, FL offer a list of signs that the air conditioner needs attention.

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How to Know When Air Conditioner Repair May Be Needed

Air conditioners work hard through the warmer months to beat the heat and fight the humidity. This is especially true in hotter and more humid climates. The warmer a region is, the harder work an air conditioner has to do during the warmer months. This can leave the air conditioner exhausted when it gets a break. 

If air conditioners are used for long periods during the year, all that hard work can add up and take a serious toll on cooling equipment. During the season, or when an owner goes to fire it up again next season, they may find that certain problems have developed that will require some professional input. Here is a list of the top three most common signs that air conditioner repairs are needed in the home. 

Loud Sounds

soundsAir conditioners are unique and complicated equipment with many moving parts. While this can make them intimidating for owners, it also makes them easier to troubleshoot. Most things that can go wrong with the air conditioner have a corresponding noise that can tip owners off that something is wrong and give them an idea about the nature of the trouble. 

The most common noises that owners hear are: 

  • Rattling: This sound is common when parts are loose in the blower or ductwork of an air conditioner. The rattling is usually caused by sheet metal or moving parts that must be reattached or replaced. 
  • Dripping: Air conditioners shouldn’t leak, but they can make quiet dripping noises if they do. If condensate drains are unclogged, there should be no dripping noises. 
  • Humming: Humming is usually associated with electrical problems. It can be heard near blowers or in the condenser unit outside. 
  • Squealing: Loose belts or dry bearings can make loud squealing noises. Tightening belts and lubricating bearings can quiet these noises. 

High Energy Bills

energy billAir conditioners are designed to cool the air in a home in the most cost-effective way possible. While this can still mean that cooling bills are high during the summer, energy bills should stay relatively comparable to the last few years’ numbers. If owners notice a spike in energy bills, it is probably an indication that air conditioner repair and maintenance are needed. 

Always schedule semi-annually for the air conditioner to ensure energy bills stay in check. This process can keep coils and filters clean to ensure efficient airflow and heat exchange. 

Uneven Cooling or Airflow Problems

Air conditioners are custom-made for every space. To keep every space comfortable all year long, HVAC technicians spend hours calculating loads and duct sizes to ensure good airflow. When the home has hot or cold spots or a lack of airflow, it can indicate something is wrong. 

Allowing a professional to look at the cooling system can reveal problems like bad ductwork or poor airflow. With some minor fixes, HVAC technicians can restore the system to provide the comfort it intended. 

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