Relaxing Ideas for a New Year's Bathroom Remode

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Monday, December 11, 2023 at 5:05am UTC

Plumbing professionals of Jefferson County, Missouri share tips for luxury bathroom remodeling.

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3 Surefire Ways to Create a Spa Atmosphere in the Bathroom

Bathrooms occupy a unique role in the modern house. They are necessary for obvious reasons, but sometimes people don't think of their bathroom as an area that needs attention when it comes to remodeling. However, bathroom ideas may be the perfect way to make a home more inviting to guests and the household. Everyone will want to spend more time in the spa oasis that can be created with just a few changes. 

Idea #1: Focus on the Showerhead

showerheadBuying a new showerhead is one of the least expensive yet most rewarding changes a homeowner can make in their bathroom. It gets used daily, and choosing one that fits a household's needs will mean people will miss the shower when they are away from home. Some of the shower technology that is currently available is detailed below.

  • Multi-Setting Shower Heads: These have been around for a while, but there is nothing wrong with going with a classic that works. These showerheads are usually large and have various spray nozzles for a customized shower. 
  • Multiple Shower Heads: Having a shower with multiple heads is truly luxurious. Having a shower with a detachable head on a flexible pipe can be very helpful. This helps accommodate smaller people, people with disabilities, and pets.
  • LED Shower Heads: These showerheads provide a little color to the shower. Some even have speakers that allow someone to listen to a playlist or the radio in the shower.

If a homeowner wants to redo more than just their shower, they may want to consider the other fixtures in the room.

Idea #2: Install a Stylish Bathtub

bathtub If any item could be the centerpiece of a stylish bathroom, it would be the tub. If a homeowner wants to make a statement with their bathroom, then the bathtub, particularly a freestanding bathtub, would be the way to do it. A clawfoot bathtub is a surefire conversation piece that makes the room look elegant and romantic. Baths are often considered a luxury in today's fast-paced world, but there are many benefits to taking baths instead of showers.

  • A hot bath can increase circulation and relax sore muscles
  • It is debated that baths are more economical in their water usage
  • Hot baths are known stress relievers

Idea #3: Upgrade Fixtures to Complete the Transformation

Homeowners who want a change should consider updating bathroom faucets and sinks to match their new tub. The older shiny fixtures are out, and the look of oiled bronze or brushed nickel is in. Bathroom tile is trending toward large, classic subway tiles for a clean, minimalist look. Bathroom design is about more than just where everything is placed in the bathroom; it's about creating an atmosphere. Homeowners can create their little slice of paradise in their bathrooms.

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